Today is the final day for the DMDD team at Mill Hill Laboratory before moving to the new Francis Crick Institute building.

From next week we’ll be settling into our new home on Midland Road, near St. Pancras station, where we’ll have a brand new lab. It’s exciting to be making the move, but also a sad day for some of the team who have been based at Mill Hill for nearly 30 years.

The DMDD team at Mill Hill lab before the move.
Most of the DMDD team at Mill Hill lab the week before the move.


It turned out to be no small task to empty a lab that’s been running for this long. Here’s what it really took to move the team and our lab half way across London.

Distance moved (as the crow flies): 11km.

Number of staff: 6.

Hours of tidying and packing: 159!

Embryos moved: 213.

Computers and laptops moved: 17.

Microscopes moved: 3.

HREM machines moved: 6.

Hard drives moved: 300.

We’ll introduce you to our new lab as soon as we can!