The International Society for Developmental Biologists 2017 meeting is taking place in Singapore from 18 – 22 June, and we’re currently putting the finishing touches to our exhibit. On stand 11, Emily and Chris will be able to show you detailed phenotype data for embryonic lethal knockout mouse lines, together with high resolution images of the embryos, like this Actn4 knockout embryo with abnormal lens epithelium morphology. You’ll also be able to try out our database at where you can search and analyse all DMDD data free of charge.



While you’re there you can pick up a free DMDD mug, along with promotional flyers for our database.


DMDD promotional mugs
Sign up to our mailing list at the meeting to get a free DMDD mug.


We’re excited to be sharing the stand with our colleagues from eMouseAtlas, so you can also find out more about their digital atlas of mouse development. We look forward to meeting you!


The joint BSCB/BSDB/Genetics Society Spring Meeting is taking place at the University of Warwick from 2 – 5 April, and DMDD will be there to exhibit our data. Come and visit our stand to find out more about phenotype data for embryonic lethal knockout mice.

Emily, Dorota, Emma and Jenna from the DMDD team will be on hand to give you a demo of the data and answer any questions you might have. You can even take away a free mug if you sign up to our email newsletter.


DMDD promotional mugs
Sign up to our mailing list at the meeting to get a free DMDD mug.


On Wednesday 5 April, Myriam Hemberger from the Babraham Institute will speak about her team’s work to phenotype placentas from DMDD embryonic lethal lines. Plus if you’re interested in our recent publications, you can visit one of the three posters we’re presenting:

Poster 66: Staging mouse embryos harvested on embryonic day 14 (E14.5). (Original article in Journal of Anatomy).

Poster 77: Highly variable penetrance of abnormal phenotypes in embryonic lethal knockout mice. (Original article in Wellcome Open Research).

Poster 83: Interpreting neonatal lethal phenotypes in mouse mutants.


We’re looking forward to meeting you!


The 2016 Autum meeting of the British Society for Developmental Biology starts this Sunday in Edinburgh, and DMDD will be exhibiting there together with our colleagues from the e-Mouse Atlas project. After a successful DMDD exhibit at the joint BSDB/BSCB Spring meeting back in April, we’re excited to be attending ‘The use of chimeras to study developmental mechanisms: from lineage tracing to disease models’.


Pop over to our stand on Monday and chat to Jenna (DMDD’s science communications manager) or Chris (from e-Mouse Atlas) to find out more about both projects. We’ll give you live demos of our data, and let you know how the tools we provide could help your research (even if you don’t study mice!)

We’re currently adding the finishing touches to the DMDD flyers, and here’s a sneak preview…

DMDD promotional flyers.
Promotional materials for the BSDB Autumn meeting.

So there will be plenty of materials for you to take away, and we’ll also have a scientific poster showing some of our results.

But if that’s not enough to tempt you over to the stand, you can also enter a competition to win a £50 Amazon voucher by simply subscribing to the DMDD mailing list.

We’re looking forward to meeting you! If you can’t make the meeting we’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #BSDB2016.